Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cervix Is Hard Can I Still Be Pregnant

Education and public education

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forbidden to speak. Any Please leave comments there.

This is the most important issue for our country, but the political attention is continually diverted elsewhere

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Their last goodbye this is serious problem

This is our last goodbye
[...]  it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go:
You gave me more to live for,
More than you'll ever know.

Well, this is our last embrace,
Must I dream and always see your face?
Well, the bells out in the church tower chime,
Burning clues into this heart of mine.
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes, and the memories
Offer signs that it's over, it's over.

si lo so è un po' cheesy , e direte, giustamente, che ci sono cose peggiori
the world but it saddens me to think that these people I'm fond of this evening will end an era, which lasted 2 years of their lives ..
will not see every day their friends / colleagues (or even something more * cough * * cough * libby + exp)
and I think that, if well edited, last goodbye by Jeff Buckey might be a good speech d 'good-bye to them.

then are so cute ..

tomorrow they leave here a
the other side
some say to greener pastures

no longer see certain scenes ..

nothing more than this: (

and above all no more than this: (poor rebecca, from tomorrow you will have to settle for that van hughes has a girlfriend on stage practically

ok, I'll be with them in spirit while watching the Oscars, such as Lea Michele.
just that I'm crazy with that of the kitty and she is with jonathan groff.

boys goodbye, goodbye! hello guys, hello!

and so the curtain falls, and a new chapter begins